Origami Kusudama “Uki Pocket Curl”

Origami Kusudama Uki Pocket Curl

Time flies! it’s been a while since I posted the last post (wow that was Aug 23,,)

I’ve started to work on patchwork after my 3D origami birds creations. As a matter of a fact, I re-started to work on quilting which I was so into it at the time when I lived in US.

The project I’m working on is still in middle of the process, so I will try to post it when they are finished!

Anyway,,, Origami Kusudama is one of my favorite origami folding. (3D origami probably is my favorite! hehe Happy-Grin )

As I started to make kusudama that they were well known to most Japanese, I soon discovered there are so much more of them, created by world wide.

Today, I would like to introduce to you is my favorite kusudama. “Uki Pocket Curl” by Tomoko Fuse. (Japanese name, I found someone is calling it as “Uni pocket curl”)

I like the part that I make curls..

This kusudama is like others, you could make it with 12, 24 and 30 units.

The larger one is made up of 30 units. One units is made by 2 rectangle origami papers, base and face.

It means, to create 30 unit “Uki pocket curl” kusudama, you would need 60 rectangles.

This kusudama book (“Floral Globe” by Tomoko Fuse) is all about having base and face to create kusudama. 花まり―多面体おりがみで作る (Heart Warming Life Series)

I really like this book, since not only having many types of kusudama that you can make but how easy to create by using different base unit.

Here I found great instruction video, by the way, she’s got so many other beautiful kusudama tutorials so check them all out! Approve


  1. vonda says:

    I love this, it is going to make great Christmas ornaments. And the instructions were great. Thank you

    • Hiroko says:

      Hello Vonda!

      Thank you for the comment.
      I know, this kusudama is my favorite too.

      I bet it would look sooo cool on Christmas tree! have fun!

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